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Classic → Napoli Sex   

Elven sex
Year of production: 1987
Country: Italy
Genre: Classic
Duration: 01:04:26
Language: Italian
Director: Mario Salieri
Studio: Mario Salieri Entertainment Group

Starring Actresses:
Farida Bhalaidi [Anal Facial GS]
Sandrina Boyer
Joy Karin's (as Valerie Morel) [Anal DP GS]

Frank Balard (as Frank Raimi)
Rocco Siffredi (as Rocco Daryl Tano Jr.)
Yves Baillat (as Yves Bayand)
NonSex Performers:
Corrado Malessi
Luigi Giordano
Nicola Seri

Scene 1. Sandrina Boyer, Frank Balard, Rocco Siffredi, Yves Baillat
Scene 2. Joy Karin's, Frank Balard, Rocco Siffredi
Scene 3. Farida Bhalaidi, Joy Karin's, Frank Balard, Rocco Siffredi
Scene 4. Joy Karin's, Rocco Siffredi
Scene 5. Sandrina Boyer, Joy Karin's, Yves Baillat
Scene 6. Farida Bhalaidi, Joy Karin's, Frank Balard, Rocco Siffredi

Video: Xvid 512x400 29.97fps 1649kbps [Video 0]
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 132kbps [Audio 1]

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Classic → Training Eve   

Elven sex
Director: Leonard Kirtman
Cast: Desiree Lane, Kristara Barrington, Sunny Glick, Lisa Lake, Dan T. Mann, Nick Niter, Dorothy Onan, Francois Papillon, Karen Summer

The story is about cute, blonde co-ed, Desiree Lane who has a crush on an exchange student and a professor, who has a crush on her. She can't stop herself getting involved in extracurricular activities (involving other guys or girls). The exchange student isn't exactly crazy about the stuff she gets up to and decides she's a bit too much for him to handle so he goes off with someone else. The professor pines for Desiree (but still gets a little on the side with his secretary after she rebuffs him. Eventually Desiree comes to her senses and realizes that it's the professor that she really wants.

Scene 1: Desiree Lane, Francois
Scene 2: Dan T. Mann, Lisa Lake
Scene 3: Kristara Barrington, Desiree Lane
Scene 4: Desiree Lane, Nick Niter, Shone Taylor
Scene 5: Dorothy Onan, Jimmy Star
Scene 6: Francois, Lisa Lake
Scene 7: Dan T. Mann, Karen Summer

Released: Taurus Productions
Language: English
Genre: Classic, Feature, Gonzo, Oral, Lesbian, Anal, Double Penetration, Hardcore, Group

Video: 608x456 (1.33:1), 23.976 fps, XviD MPEG-4 x 1996 kbps avg 0.30 bit/pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital 2/0 (L,R) ch, about 192 kbps


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Classic → Driller is A Sexual Thriller XXX   

Elven sex
Year of production: 1984
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Parody, Interracial, Classic
Duration: 01:24:46
Language: Englishchinese: James Joyce
Studio: VCAВ roles: Cassandra Leigh, Dick Howard, Frank Serrone, George Payne, Gypsy, Michelle Maren, Mr J Renee Summers, Taija Rae
Description: Zombies! Werewolves! Psychos! Pop stars! A depraved dungeon full of werewolves, zombies, mutants and hunchbacks converge for creepy copulations and outrageous orgies in this seldom-seen slice of 35mm vintage XXX sex and slime from 1984. Unsuspecting female fans of music megastar 'Mr. J', including adult legend Tajia Rae, are subjected to the sick and sinful advances of horribly hung hunchbacks, sex-starved psychos and the flesh-hungry undead when he leaves the stage from his latest tour and decides to give his groupies the grope of a lifetime! You will not believe the secret sexual weapon that this shape-shifting superstar unleashes to turn his fans' screams into creams, but it lives up to the title of the film... and did we mention it's a musical?Author Ripa: MautaurКачество video: DVDRip
Video format: MP4
Video codec: H.264/AVC
Audio codec: AAC
Video: 636x480 (4:3), 29.970 fps, AVC about 1 000 kbps avg, 0.137 bit/pixel
Audio: 48.0 KHz, AAC-LC, 2 channels, about 72.0 Kbps avg

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Classic → Death Shock   

Elven sex
Year of production: 1981
Country: Europe
Genre: Feature, Classic,Horror
Duration: 47:10
Director: Steve Perry, Frank Thring
Studio: Hard Times
Language: English
Cast: Linzi Drew and Frank Thring
Description: The story, of which there is precious little, concerns a group of 6 friends on a journey to Norwich, who's car runs out of petrol in the middle of nowhere and are offered shelter for the night in a country mansion house. And that's pretty much it. Throw into this heady mix a bit of Devil Worshipping and the obligatory retarded cook/manservant come dogsbody and the slutty maid, and you have a pretty good idea what its all about. As a horror film it fails miserably, basically because there is none. Again as a sex film, considering what was going on in the rest of Europe and the USA at the time, it's light years behind the times, but again, that can only be attributed to the laws of the land at the time, but on an exploitative level it very nearly works, it s just the right side of sleazy and cheesy to make it worth buying.
Topimparare: Rip was made from a DVD, is available here.
Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: AVI
Video: MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 720x544 (4:3), 23,976 fps, 2762 kbps, 0.235 Qf
Audio: Dolby AC3 Digital, 48000Hz, 2ch, 192kbps

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Classic → Gladys and Her All Girl Band   

Elven sex
Year of production: 1976
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Straight, Classic
Duration: 01:00:03
Language: English
Director: Warren Evans
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Cast: C.J. Laing, Cheryl White, Julia Sorel, Terri Hall, Alan Marlow, Ashley Moore, Russ Carlson, Tony Richards
Description: Last but not least, let's have a big round of applause for Gladys And Her All Girl Band! Two dudes run down a New York street, one of whom is Shaun Costello. The other guy calls Shaun a putz, which is kind of rad. The lost whatever was chasing them and wind up at a building where Gladys is having auditions for her all girl band where they figure they should hide out. They scam their way past the guy at the door while the security guy goes to lay a blonde chick. While the sex is going on, Costello and his pal are getting into the drag - full make up, dresses, the whole bit. Costello puts on a blonde afro wig and looks ridiculous and the two go to meet Gladys (is it Terri Hall? Looks like her) to audition for her band. The girls figure out who they are soon enough, however. Rather than head out into the street, the boys decide to give Terri Hall, a DP, which is always the logical decision. Later on C.J. Laing shows up and gives head to a guy who looks a little bit like Sonny Bono. Once everyone is done they all hang out naked in the living room and watch themselves as Gladys And Her All-Girl Band in color on a black and white TV. While the TV is blasting away, they have an orgy.This one is played pretty pretty much completely for laughs and on that level its pretty effective. The sex is pretty raunchy but there's a very playful side to it that softens it quite a bit and the very ridiculousness of it all makes it difficult to take any of this seriously.
EXT. the information: One of the three movies with DVD Rock-O-Rama Triple Feature from Alpha Blue Archives (series drives Dirty Drive-in).
The cover is laid out from this DVD.
Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio codec: MP3
Video: DivX 6, 480x360, 29.97 fps, 1200kbps
Audio: MP3, 56kbps stereo, 48kHz

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Classic → Orgien der Wollust   

Elven sex
Year of production: 1987
Country: Germany
Genre: Feature, Classic
Duration: 01:23:02
Language: German
Director: Paolo di Tosto
Studio: Mike Hunter Video
Cast: Denise Dior, Karin Schubert, Marina Kiss
Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: MP4
Video codec: H.264/AVC
Audio codec: AAC
Video: Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720x512 25fps [Video] Overall bit rate: 2 519 Kbps
Audio: Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo [Audio]

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Classic → It happened in Hollywood   

Elven sex
It happened in Hollywood / It happened in Hollywood
rsgt of production: 1973
Country: USA pic
Genre: Classic, Feature
Duration: 01:07:38
Language: English
Director: Peter Locke
Studio: A Bulo Prpduction
Starring: Melissa Hall & Shawn Harris, Barbara Pomeranz (Billed as 'Lady w/Left Tit Missing),
Agnes Brev, Tammy Twat, Flo Zeasily, Fran Schiff, Bernice Entin, Tanya Tickler, Helene Buckley,
Carol Westwood Harry Reems, Peter Bramley, Marc Stevens, Buster Hymen, Al Levitsky, Gus Thomas,
Peter Bramley, Alan Spitz, Randolph Roehbling, Ozzy Coum, Mel Romanoff, Leon Schultz, Al Goldstein,
Peter Locke, Wes Craven
Description: Is a hardcore porn/comedy feature film which was made during that brief
period in the late '60s and early '70s when the feature-length pornography was sometimes shown in regular
motion picture theaters. It follows on the success of Deep Throat. It has the dubious distinction of
depicting more sex acts per minute than any such feature to date. The comic story which distinguishes
the film revolves around a pornography Academy Award, and the shooting of the film which wins the
award. This film features cameos by Screw magazine publisher Al Goldstein, and producer Jim Buckley.
The movie should not to be confused with the 1937 feature comedy with the same name starring
Richard Dix and Fay Wray.'
The author Ripa: papa roach
Video quality: DVDRip

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Classic → Sex Trek 12 films   

‘Sex Trek’ is an incredible big budget parody of the famous T.V. series, complete with points ears, deep space probes, amorous aliens and the hottest sex this side of Uranus. Beam me up Scotty.
UWhore to find a way to get them down there. If they only paid much more attention to make the sex, what's the word I'm looking for, oh yeah GOOD, and less attention to the horribly bad puns the movie would be a passable porn, alas that's not the case. As it is this porno plays out like a raunchy porn version of recent SNL skits, even having some girl who acts like Maya Rudolph, but not nearly as funny (I know, I know Maya isn't funny to begin with, but this Maya-alike is less still funny). Furthermore, the 2 of the women in the sex scenes look like they've been around the block a few hundred times and their nether-regions are NOT erotic, to say the least, they looked like overgrown turkey giblets.
Adventures Star of a Raider and her team, and all this is accompanied humor, sex of all kinds and from all KINDS.

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Classic → Saftige Erlebnisse   

Elven sex
Year of production: 1993
Country: Germany
Genre: Classic, Hardcore, All Sex
Duration: 01:23:03
Language: German

Studio: Beverly Hills Pictures

Cast: Angi Baletti, Siggi Enting, Steve Vincent

Video quality: VOD
Video format: AVI
Video codec: XviD
Audio codec: MP3
Video: Video: Xvid 512x384 25fps [Stream 00] Overall bit rate: 2 049 Kbps
Audio: Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 122kbps [Stream 01]

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Classic → Dr Prickton's Sex Clinic - Sex clinic Dr PricktonР degrees   

Elven sex
Year of production: 1997
Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Ralph Lewis
Studio: Starworld
In roles:
Charlie [LezOnly], Christgen Wolf [Anal], Lovette [Anal DP], Leanna Heart [Facial], Lexi Erickson [Facial]
Eric Hunter, Guy DiSilva, Matt Jade, PCox
Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Lovette, Guy DiSilva, PCox
Scene 2. Leanna Heart, guy
Scene 3. Charlie, Leanna Heart
Scene 4. Lexi Erickson, guy
Scene 5. Christgen Wolf, guy
Dr Prickton's Sex Clinic Description: "The doctor is in... in more holes than you can skake a thermometer, tongue or prick at. The temperature''s through the roof as the world famous sexologist oversees, participates councils and his patients in fucking, sucking and anal therapy. His staff of red hot nurses minister the necessary medication to remedy his patient''s conditions. Dr. Prickton is the new-wave guru in solving the world's sex problems. Watch this educational tape and you'll see why "Dr. Prickton's Sex Clinic" is a scientific marvel!"
Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: MP4
Video codec: DivX
Audio codec: MP3
Video: 576x432 (1.33:1), 30 fps, XviD MPEG-4 x 1046 kbps avg, 0.18 bit/pixel
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, about 96.00 kbps avg

Download Dr Prickton's Sex Clinic - Sex clinic Dr PricktonР degrees    


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